“InvoiceInfo has been an absolutely great asset for the vendors. The clean, easy to use, interface and basic functionality make obtaining the status of invoices as easy as ever. The implementation of InvoiceInfo has streamlined communication between the vendors and me, allowing more time to focus on resolving issues as opposed to providing updates. I excitedly introduce this to all of my vendors knowing that they will have a positive experience with the product.”

— Thomas Jefferson University



“We found that about 60% of the calls that came into customer service had already been paid. The driving force for a portal was to drive efficiency to give staff time to better handle calls they needed to handle rather than help with invoice payments that had already been made.”

— Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Company 


“The majority of the calls that come into AP are easy and most want to know the status of their invoice. Seven or eight times out of ten they are quick calls. If two out of ten are real problem calls, we are wasting a lot of time on quick calls that are not real issues. Vendors prefer using a portal. On the AR side, they love it – they would prefer not to talk with AP. We had a team of ten answering the phone and was able to reduce it to one person.”

— Fortune 500 Retail Company


Enable Vendors to be Self-Sufficient:
Stop Calls and Emails, Enhance Service and Strengthen AP's Reputation

Every day, on top of everything else your AP team is charged with, they receive calls and emails from vendors and internal customers asking about invoice payment status. They may also process documents to onboard new vendors, validate W-9’s and taxpayer identification numbers, and cross-check OFAC and other compliance-related lists. The cost of addressing these tasks adds up.

InvoiceInfo, from the founders of The Accounts Payable Network, streamlines these activities with a simple, efficient and effective solution that quickly eliminates as much as 80% of your invoice and payment inquiries, increases productivity, and enhances your suppliers’ experiences.


Why InvoiceInfo?


  • Ease of use facilitates adoption, eliminating calls and emails
  • No tedious registration or cost for vendors
  • Unique, maintenance-free login system
  • Supplier gets immediate answers to inquiries
  • ERP neutral, accepts all data formats
  • Implement in as little as two weeks
  • Low upfront effort and cost produces ongoing exceptional results


  • Stop calls and emails by empowering your vendors to be self-sufficient
  • No need to commit to a large project
  • Easy and fast to set up with minimal or no IT time required
  • Provides 24/7 access to data
  • Visible, high impact benefits
  • Low cost structure
  • No costly stakeholder management and maintenance procedures
  • Metrics and analytics reporting identifies opportunities for process improvements
  • Streamline onboarding for you and your vendors


  • Eliminate emails and calls regarding invoice payment status
  • Pays for itself by freeing up valuable staff hours and boosting efficiency
  • Strengthen relationships with all AP customers — suppliers and internal
  • Automate vendor compliance
  • Promote vendor master file accuracy
  • Security features reduce risk

    • SaaS application does not put sensitive information on ERP or other financial software platforms at risk
    • “Best of breed” data centers provide five levels of physical security