Frequently Asked Questions

Is InvoiceInfo compatible with our ERP system?

Yes. InvoiceInfo accepts files from every ERP system.


Will InvoiceInfo accept feeds from multiple ERP systems?

Yes. The number of feeds is unlimited.


How much setup time does InvoiceInfo take to set up on our end?

All that's required from you is a daily (or more frequent) extract file from your ERP system. This one-time project typically takes one to three man-days of internal IT resources.


Does InvoiceInfo reside on our financial platform?

No. InvoiceInfo resides on our secure servers protecting your data by eliminating the need for anyone to access your financial platform.


How much does InvoiceInfo cost?

InvoiceInfo's flat annual price is based on the number of vendors, number of invoices and the level of customization, and is billed quarterly or annually. Please contact us for pricing details.


What kinds of reports are available from InvoiceInfo?

Detail and summary reports show who is inquiring and what is being inquired upon. All data from all inquiries is retained and can be downloaded.


Can we use InvoiceInfo to exchange documents with our suppliers?

Yes. Suppliers can upload and download documents.


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