AP Customer Service Advisor Newsletter

Dedicated to helping accounts payable professionals better communicate with and serve their vendors and internal customers

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This new publication, offered complimentary by InvoiceInfo, will help accounts payable professionals:

  • Save time and money by automating invoice inquiries with a vendor self-service portal
  • Discover tips for how to serve both internal customers and suppliers
  • Learn best practices for customer service phone handling tips
  • Overcome communication problems with internal and external customers
  • Understand the importance of onboarding new vendors with a welcome packet and setting expectations early
  • Recognize why they should – and how they can – collect customer service metrics, such as the volume of invoice inquiries they receive, call length, who inquiries are from and what they are about
  • Determine the importance that AP customer service plays for both AP departments and organizations alike
  • Collaborate with other people within the organization to make sure that the invoice is paid accurately and on time
  • Overcome AP’s reputation by becoming a problem solver
  • Implement customer service best practices
  • Improve customer service policies and procedures
  • Enhance vendor relationships
  • And much, much more!