Accounts Payable Customer Service and Vendor Relations in the Age of Self-Service

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Self-service seems to be the wave of the future due in large part to the Internet and mobile culture. Rather than calling a company to order a product or get answers to questions, many of us book our travel on the Internet, buy books on Amazon or handle bank transactions via an ATM. Today, we expect to handle transactions over the Internet and are often surprised when a real person actually answers the phone.


Customer self-service is a win-win for everyone. The organization saves money by not having to hire people to answer phones and respond to emails. Customers get what they want quickly, easily and without having to waste time on the phone listening to music while waiting for the next available representative. Self-service lets customers get what they want when they need it, not from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


This information-packed special report will help you:

  • Define who accounts payable’s customers are
  • Understand the value of good customer service for accounts payable’s customers
  • Review what customer service looks like in accounts payable departments
  • Learn about trends in customer service
  • Recognize why vendor relationships are so important
  • Examine how a vendor self-service portal can fit into your AP customer service strategy
  • Gain insights into how AP customer service has changed in the era of the Internet and self-service
  • Define what the term “Amazon Effect” means in the world of customer service
  • And much, much more! 

This valuable report, available at no charge, will help you understand the importance of good customer service for your vendors and internal staff and provide best practices to ensure you deliver the service your customer expect.


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About the Sponsor:

InvoiceInfo, from the founders of The Accounts Payable Network, simplifies AP customer service with a powerful, yet easy-to-use vendor self-service solution. InvoiceInfo transfers manual invoice inquiries and vendor onboarding to a self-service application that helps accounts payable operations improve service to, and relationships with, suppliers and internal customers. It’s a win-win for AP, its vendors, its internal customers and IT. Contact us today at info@invoiceinfo.com or (678) 335-5735 to learn more.