About Us

What is InvoiceInfo?

InvoiceInfo is a secure online portal that increases your staff’s productivity and decreases cost by allowing vendors and internal staff 24/7 access to the status of pending and paid invoices. The portal reduces the time your accounting staff spends on invoice payment queries by up to 80 percent, time that can be spent on more productive tasks.


How Does InvoiceInfo Work?

The Problem: Companies receive calls and emails every day from vendors and internal staff checking the status of their invoices. Depending on their size, they might receive dozens or even hundreds of such inquires every week. Each call requires an accounts payable person to research and respond to the request. The cost is estimated at $9 for every call.


The InvoiceInfo portal:

  • Instantly allows vendors or internal staff 24/7 online access to their invoice information
  • Provides vendors with:
    • Status of their invoice
    • Scheduled pay date
    • Check number
    • Payment cleared date
    • and more!
  • Takes as little as one week to install, with minimal IT resources required
  • Gives vendors the means to upload W-9s, invoices and more

Benefits & Cost Savings for Your Company

  • Sharply reduces inbound calls and emails regarding receipt of invoices and payment status
  • Reduces the salaries, benefits, taxes, equipment, supplies and phone lines required to answer
    invoice inquiries
  • Frees up staff for more productive tasks
  • Enhances supplier services and relationships
  • Eliminates distractions from vendor calls and emails
  • Makes invoice payment status available to internal departments

Benefits for Vendors

  • Vendors quickly receive accurate invoice information
  • Eliminates the time vendors spend waiting for return calls and emails
  • Streamlines vendor onboarding

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Who We Are?

InvoiceInfo is a part of the Financial Operations Networks (FON) family of services (http://www.finopsnet.com/). Since 1987, our team has worked to help financial operations managers increase accounts payable productivity and reduce cost.


Deep Accounts Payable Experience, Knowledge and Portal Know-how

The team founded PayTECH, a leading electronic invoice and information processing company, where it helped companies attain outsized returns on their accounts payable automation investments. PayTECH processed more than one hundred million client invoices annually. As part of PayTECH's services to its customers, the company developed vendor self-service portals to replace the need for costly manual responses to tens of thousands of invoice inquiries from vendors' calls and emails.


After the sale of PayTECH in 1999 (to Profit Recovery Group [NASDAQ:PRGX]), the team founded The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN), dedicated to helping AP professionals and their departments become best in class. TAPN became the world's leading brand for high-quality accounts payable education, training, and process-improvement knowledge. Based on conversations with TAPN members about the need for cost effective vendor portals, along with its previous portal experience at PayTECH, the team developed InvoiceInfo.


The FON team sold The Accounts Payable Network to Diversified Communications in 2013 and retained InvoiceInfo in order to focus its resources on making InvoiceInfo the leading accounts payable invoice status inquiry portal application. InvoiceInfo, www.invoiceinfo.com, is the fastest growing online portal that allows vendors and internal staff 24/7 access to the status of their invoices. The portal reduces the time accounting staff spends on invoice payment queries by up to 80 percent, time that can be spent on more productive higher-value tasks.