Automated Vendor Onboarding

A configurable vendor self-service portal that reduces compliance and payment fraud risk

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to vendor onboarding.   

One slip-up can result in major fraud and compliance issues or strained vendor relationships.  

But many organizations are putting themselves and their vendor relationships at risk by relying on manual processes for onboarding suppliers. Finance and procurement teams waste lots of time gathering documents, pushing around paper and emails, rekeying data, chasing down missing and incorrect details, fixing errors and responding to vendor inquiries about where things stand.

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Self-Service Onboarding

VendorInfo accelerates supplier onboarding and reduces the risk of payment fraud and compliance issues with a self-service portal that automatically collects, validates and manages supplier details.  

Detailed metrics and approval workflow reporting help staff stay on top of vendor onboarding.   

Vendors like the convenience of electronically submitting their onboarding documents and information in a single location and having real-time visibility into the onboarding process.

Onboarding Compliance

VendorInfo helps organizations mitigate the risk of compliance issues.

  • W-9 and W-8 tax form processing
  • Tax identification number (TIN) matching  
  • Automated bank account validation
  • Vendor verification against OFAC/SDN and 30+federal compliance lists

How to Automate Vendor Onboarding

It’s easy for organizations of all sizes and across all industries to get started with VendorInfo – from universities and government agencies to high-velocity businesses and Fortune 100 companies.   

VendorInfo is easily configured to an organization’s business needs.  New vendor registration forms are effortlessly set up.  Many organizations are up and running withVendorInfo in as little as two weeks, with minimal IT involvement and no disruption to their existing business processes.   

Organizations also can easily add vendor onboarding capabilities as their needs change.  

And VendorInfo’s SaaS-based delivery model means there are no pricey software licenses or servers to buy, and organizations will never pay for vendor onboarding features that they don’t use.  

Vendor Onboarding Benefits

Automating the vendor onboarding process with VendorInfo delivers big benefits.

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If your organization wants to eliminate friction from vendor onboarding, improve its relationship with vendors andenhance onboarding compliance, click here to book your demo of VendorInfo.


Vendor Onboarding Benefits

Automating the vendor onboarding process with VendorInfo delivers big benefits.

Simplify and Streamline Vendor Onboarding

According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, the average organization spends about $20 in labor to file each paper document, approximately $120 in labor searching for each misfiled document and $220 in re-creation of a document.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all your W-9’s, W-8’s and other registration documents completed online and instantly filed online for easy access when needed? With Vendor Self-Service Onboarding Module, VendorInfo, you can onboard your new vendors in one convenient location and eliminate paperwork and hassles.

Verify the Accuracy of Vendor Information and Stay in Compliance

Government regulators are increasing the complexity of regulations and penalties associated with vendor-related non-compliance.

Penalties for incorrect 1099’s have more than doubled in recent years. Over the last several years, OFAC has levied more than $1 billion in fines against American companies or subsidiaries that did business with restricted businesses, organizations and individuals on its SDN list. In addition to fining these companies, the Treasury Department posts the names of infringing organizations along with fines paid.

VendorInfo Onboarding Module verifies the accuracy of vendor information and helps protect your organization by avoiding embarrassing penalties and fines.

Reduce Exposure to Fraud and Security Risk

VendorInfo protects sensitive information by capturing W-9, banking  and other vendor information via a secure portal. W-9s may contain sensitive personal data, including social security numbers.

VendorInfo eliminates the  exposure of your vendor’s sensitive information to email risk from fraudsters who are becoming more and more sophisticated and creative at stealing identities and information and profiting from them.

Reduce Exposure to Fraud and Security Risk

New vendor self-service capabilities replace older legacy procedures to provide more power for meeting process improvement targets and risk initiatives.  

Areas covered include eliminating unsecure procedures around emails, vendor registrations, onboarding workflow, maintaining AP operational analytics, W-9 and W-8 registrations, eliminating paper and pdf’s, automating TIN matching, compliance certifications, OFAC, vendor statement reconciliation and duplicate detection.

Securely Collect IRS Forms W-9 or W-8

With VendorInfo, you can direct your vendors to a dedicated, secure website where your vendors complete and sign W-9 or W-8 forms online.  

These forms are stored in an easy-to-access online folder and can be exported directly into your ERP system.  You eliminate paper and improve retention processes.

Simplify New Vendor Approvals

Onboarding vendors gets more complex every day.  All agree that new vendor set up is a critical time to validate vendor information in order to prevent fraud, ensure vendor master file accuracy and meet compliance obligations.  

With VendorInfo, onboarding and registering new vendors is comprehensive and easier than ever!

Reduce Manual Procedures

Forms are automatically compliance validated and vendor approval workflows are completed online without having to email forms back and forth, taking time and  putting sensitive information at risk.  

Once validated, multiple levels of approval are performed online, eliminating manual processes and streamlining the approval process.

Eliminate Data Entry into Your Vendor Master File

With VendorInfo, you will no longer have to spend time entering new vendor information into your vendor master file.  

Once onboarding forms have been completed and approved by your team, the data can automatically be output and sent to your vendor master file, saving time and reducing errors.

Reportingother information to the IRS | Internal Revenue Service
If your organization wants to eliminatefriction from vendor onboarding, improve its relationship with vendors andenhance onboarding compliance, click here to book your demo of VendorInfo.