Automate vendor inquiries, onboarding and compliance —configured exactly to your need

InvoiceInfo and VendorInfo offer a range of custom self-service solutions, each with options to ensure that you get and pay for the exact capabilities your organization requires. You can install either InvoiceInfo or VendorInfo—or both—and be running in as little as two weeks

InvoiceInfo Inquiry Self-Service

This module saves thousands of hours of valuable staff time by allowing vendors to look up invoice payment status instantly online, 24/7, without time-consuming emails or phone calls. Operation is simple, so staff and vendors adopt easily and quickly. Your staff will appreciate focusing on higher-value tasks. Your suppliers will value the ability to get cash-flow answers fast.

Choose only the invoice self-query features that fit your needs

  • Vendor self-service portal enables vendors to get answers to invoice inquiries instantly online—24/7
  • Customized so suppliers see only fields to which you allow access
  •  Vendors can upload their invoices themselves
  • Simple log-in, simple to use: Helps ensure vendor adoption
  • Usage metrics reporting—helps you track and measure ROI
  • Statement reconciliation—allows suppliers to compare their account records with yours
  • Easily add additional capabilities as your needs change

VendorInfo Onboarding and Compliance Self-Service

The VendorInfo solution smoothly initiates new supplier relationships by providing new-vendor registration forms, establishing credentials and providing orientation documents. It can also automate W-9 and W-8 processing and TIN matching, and you can verify vendors against 22 federal compliance lists, such as OFAC/SDN.

Choose only the onboarding and compliance features that fit your needs

  • New vendor registration forms
  • Provide documents to your vendors
  • W-9 and W-8 processing and optional retention of documents in a searchable database
  • TIN matching to name, address and tax identification number in the IRS database
  • Vendor verification against multiple compliance lists such as OFAC/SDN
  • Easy vendor communication and collaboration
  • Detailed metrics and approval workflow reporting
  • Easily add additional capabilities as your needs change

Simple to Launch. Simple to Use. Economical to Use.

InvoiceInfo and VendorInfo are easy to implement and use by companies of all sizes – from universities and government agencies to Fortune 100 companies. No matter your industry or size, you can configure these self-service modules to fit your company’s specific needs and budget.

They are standalone, SaaS-based applications—so there’s no software or servers to buy.  Your solution can be up and running in as little as two weeks with little or no IT resources required—all of which keeps acquisition, launch and maintenance costs low.

Best of all, because InvoiceInfo and VendorInfo are simple to use, adoption by suppliers is extremely high—which means your savings start almost immediately.

10 more reasons to choose InvoiceInfo and VendorInfo for your supplier self-service solution

Stop Calls and Emails, Enhance Service and Increase Profit!
Get Up and Running Quickly
and Seamlessly
Improve Productivity with a
Self-Service Solution
Enhance Vendor
Enhance AP’s Role as a
Strategic Partner
Easy and Economical
Solution to Serve Vendors
Around the World
Give Procurement and Buyers the Tool They Need to Respond to Vendors Quickly
Eliminate Difficult Vendor
Calls and See Productivity and
Staff Morale Soar
Simplify and
Streamline Vendor
Verify the Accuracy of
Vendor Information and
Stay in Compliance